GM Roadkill

DMB, 13303 S. Ellsworth Rd.

Mesa, Arizona 85212



Vehicle Emission Lab Remains

Vehicle Emission Lab remains

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Coyote Ugly

Coyote's Goodyear Impression

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Pressure Vessels sit below Ladder to the Sky

Compressed Air Vessels

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Street Side Fashion beside Old News

Street Side Fashion beside Old News

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Mesa paves the way toward a Roadkill plan. 

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GM DPG Entrance Video 1


North Parking Lot Video 2


Busy Ant Hill Video 3 


Ant Hill 2 - The Revenge Video 4


Coyote Carcass Video 5 


Roadside Exit Video 6

Roadkill Cuisine

DMB Mesa Proving Grounds

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Used Metal Buildings for Sale

GM Desert Proving Ground Demolition

Roadkill Video

GM Desert Proving Ground-Yuma Officially Open For Business

STEAM Academy to give students head start for science careers

Mesa's GM ghost town slowly fades

Change is a Coming - GM DPG Proving Ground